Electronics Café provides high quality, brand name electronics at unbeatable prices. In addition to our products, we are also dedicated to providing world class customer service. This page is intended to provide brief answers to some close-ended questions we receive more frequently.  

If you have questions that are not addressed below, please contact us directly and we will be happy to get you the answers you need. 


Q: Where do you get your products and how are you able to offer such low prices on them?

A: Electronics Café is a division of EWASTE+, New York State’s largest electronic equipment recycling & reuse company. This gives us access to a large inventory of good quality products that we carefully select and methodically refurbish. Our selection, refurbishment and selling processes are meticulous and efficient – providing you with a low cost and reliable alternative to buying brand new. 

Q: Do you sell only used/refurbished equipment?

A: Yes, all of the items you see are used or refurbished to some degree. One of our core values as a company is to repurpose and reuse electronics.   

Q: Do you provide any sort of warranty on your products?

A: Yes, we provide a 90-day parts and labor warranty on all of our products. We thoroughly check and test all items before they are shipped but understand that things may happen after those processes. Should issues arise that are related to defective parts or faulty workmanship we will repair or replace your product at no additional cost.

Q: Do you have a price match or price protection policy?

A: We are very confident that you won’t find better pricing on the products we carry. If you do, however, we are happy to match those offers. Products must be the same make and model with similar specifications and condition to the Electronics Café product. You must also provide proof of the advertised sale price to take advantage of that pricing. This does not include auction items or 3rd party selling (i.e. craigslist, eBay auction pricing, etc.).

Q: What is the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher (MRR) Program?

A: The MRR program is one of multiple Microsoft programs aimed at sustainability and supporting a low-carbon future for the planet. Microsoft acknowledges that low cost refurbished computers are not only a good option for many people but also extends the lifecycle of electronics and reduces waste. We have an information page dedicated to the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program.

Q: If I need to return an item how do I do so?

A: Please visit http://www.electronicscafe.com/shipping-returns/ for detail about our return policy.

Q: After making a purchase, when can I expect my order to arrive?

A: We ship all orders within 24 hours of receiving payment. This excludes weekends and holidays. Delivery timeframe is dependent on the carrier and service that you have selected. 

Q: Do you provide tracking numbers for shipped orders?

A: Yes, always. You will receive an email with all shipping information once your order has been processed. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes we do. Electronics Café is happy to offer and ship products worldwide. Please note that import duties, taxes and other related charges are not included in our shipping charge. Additional charges are the buyer’s responsibility. We suggest checking with your country’s customs office for details on these additional charges. 

Q: What is included with this item?

A: Please see the item description for included accessories. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Q: Is your entire inventory listed on your website?

A: No. In fact, only a small portion of our total inventory is listed here. Electronicscafe.com is geared towards users looking for “power-on and go” options. We also serve the more tech savvy customer by carrying stripped-down laptops & PC’s, parts, components, and accessories. Our entire inventory is available for small or large quantity (bulk) purchasing. Please contact us directly for information on products not listed on this site.